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Jumping jill

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How To Play ?

Play with arrow keys
    The object of the game is simply to complete each level. Use the right and left arrow keys for movement and the up arrow key to jump. You will face two opponents in the game. The game is divided into five sections with each section containing three levels for a total of fifteen levels in the entire game. The first opponent (a goblin) can be destroyed by either jumping on his head or by using a bomb. The second opponent (a small dinosaur) can only be destroyed by using a bomb. To plant a bomb simply press the space key. Just do not forget to run after planting the bomb because you can also be killed by the bomb when it explodes. To finish each level reach the exit sign and do not forget to collect gold coins as you advance through each level to get a good score. There are also spikes in the game which you must jump over. Good luck and enjoy the game.
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