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How To Play ?

Use your mouse and the in game tutorial to find out how play.
    Dark forces are invading the kingdom. Will you be the hero of this kingdom in this Tower Defense game, INCURSION? Train your soldiers to battle and save the village. You must place them strategically after learning their skills. One of them is good at archery, one of them is a basic cavalry and one is a wizard effective on heavy armors. So, if they are placed strategically, all can defense the tower. Read the guide and use the hot keys to fight the supernatural enemies. Start by clicking the barracks, you need upgrades to face the next wave. Attack and crush more enemies to gain more gold in this Tower Defense Game. Incursion opens a door through a fantastic world. You will be addicted to this tower defense game. Incursion is categorized as action game or aim & shooting game. Have a fun!
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