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Cricket Master

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How To Play ?

Use the “Left Arrow” or “A” key to Pull/ Hook/ Sweep/ Glance – Use the “Up Arrow” or “W” key to Drive/ Defend – Use the “Down Arrow” or “S” to Duck – Use the “Right Arrow” or “D” to Off Drive/ Cut. In Practice Mode, you are shown which of the Arrow Keys to use in the bottom right corner of your screen. When you think you have the hang of the basics, you can choose one of the more competitive modes.
    Cricket Master is a realistic, online cricket batting game for kids, teens and grownups, with excellent HD graphics and different play modes where you get to play cricket and take on your favorite hook, pull, cut or drive shot. This fun and addicting bat-and-ball sports game follows the international rules of cricket. As there are more rules in cricket than in most other sports, it’s easiest to first start playing in Practice Mode, and learn as you go.
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