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Battle Dawn

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How To Play ?

Follow the in-game tutorial, and you can ask the game admin any question you might have and we’ll do our best to answer within 24 hrs. Remember, this game cannot be won in one play. It takes weeks to build your empire! so make sure to check how your alliance has grown at least once a day!
    This MMO Empire/Strategy game challenges you to build up an empire and join other users in alliances to conquer the world. There are actually three different themes to chose from – fantasy, modern on Earth map, and futuristic (on Mars!) There’s a cool giant, zoomable map and the game resets every few months (or once there’s a winner) to let you try out new strategies each time. Battle Dawn is a persistent world game. Meaning your colony stays online even after you log out. so make sure to check back at least once every day to issue new orders and grow your empire! You’ll soon discover that greatness can only be achieved by teamwork and strategy. do you have what it takes to become the most powerful player on your world?
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